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GuitarToneMaster.com is the largest free guitar jamtrack & backingtrack library, here you can

  • Improve your guitar skills, especially on scales and modes, riff & lick ideas. Help you improve your rhythm & timing in solos.
  • Have lots of fun with our jam & backingtracks while learning different scales
  • Easy to find: The guitar jamtracks are organized by genre, scale/mode, key & tempo.

The majority of the guitar backing tracks on this site aren't mine. Our searchengine found the backtracks on YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo and embedded the tracks whose distribution options are open in our archive. So GuitarToneMasters likes to give alot of credit to composers/artist who created these amazing jam tracks and made them available for everyone!

Play the guitarbackingtracks and start jammin' to practice guitarscales. 

Start improvising with the largest scale & jam- and backing tracks searchengine!

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Guitartonemaster.com offers a wide variety of Free Guitar Backing Tracks!
Choose one of the +1100 jam tracks & backing tracks for guitarist. Learn guitarscales and modes in different variations.

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Guitartonemaster contains over

  • +1000 jam tracks & backing tracks in all keys
  • All essential scales: 96 scales charts
  • 672 patterns and boxes
  • 89 scalediagrams in PDF
  • 192 scalesystems
  • 43 drumtracks
  • 218 pages E-book

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Start improvising with the best scale & jam & backing track search engine!

Guitartonemaster.com has the friendliest and most comprehensive online database jam tracks. Jam online along with all your favorite backing track numbers by simply pressing play! Do you want to download a jamtrack use our new filter function. 

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  • Play your jamtracks right now and practice in all 12 keys.
  • Have more fun while practicing guitar scales and modes.
  • Do not waste unnecessary searching on the Internet and use your valuable time for what really matters: Playing guitar!
  • All interesting info on one page: jam & backing track, tone, tempo, scale suggestions, ...
  • The ideal place to improve all your guitar techniques: hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, slides, string bending
  • Learn to improvise over chord progressions - Find out the free chord charts
  • Improvise and compose solo's up the entire neck
  • Choose backing tracks for your skill level. There are beginning, intermediate and advanced backing tracks available!
  • No Youtube ads appear before the jamtrack videos on Guitartonemaster.com
  • The next best thing to having a live band to jam with

Learning to play guitar comes through endless repetitions of fingerings. Practice, practice, and more practice.

Make sure that the endless repetition don't turn into a rut. Use our practical tips to put together a training schedule

  • Set a varied training schedule.
  • Try to play differ guitar techniques as much as possible in a limited time. Making a time schedule can help out.

One hour daily guitar practicing should be enough to remarkable improve your techniques after a few weeks.

Below are some suggestions that you can use in your training schedule.

We're proud to present you our free online metronome app. The guitar metronome is a good, quick and easy way to improve your timing while practicing scales, patterns, systems, modes,.... Metronome is reliable, easy to use and embedded on all scales-pages. It's a great tool that helps you practicing your rhythm and tempo. Enjoy the new feature and improve your guitar skills!

Free online metronome

In this section w'll cover the basics. More article coming soon:

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Everyone has a different music style preference. Are you a metalhead, or a jazz enthusiast, maybe a blues fanatic or do you prefer to hear country tunes? Don’t let your music choice in any case limit your guitar playing.

Enrich your horizons and guitar playing by the various techniques of the different styles of music to create your own.

Are you up for a challenge?

You probably already have some experience with some scale. Try a nice melody to play various musical styles.

Find the right jamtrack you want with our advanced backing track search!

Use one of the search filters and choose the desired key, genre, ... and much more.

Do you wish to find backing tracks with there chord progression ? No problemo.

Select jamtracks with chords or with chords - play along.

  • With chords: the chords can be found in simple text format.
  • With chords play along: the chords are in text format and are accompanied played in the video.

Chord progressions

Dive right in and start to jam!

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Guitartonemaster.com offers the best jam & backingtracks of the web. Find out why so many are already convinced:

Why we have the most guitar jam tracks?

Cause we have them all. Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo and soundcloud jam & backingtracks.
We add weekly fresh backingtracks. So stay tuned for more...

Why use guitartonemaster.com instead of Youtube?

  1. We sort neatly our music tracks according to key, style, scale, artist,... and many more.
  2. We rate our backingtracks so you can find instantly the best and doesn't waste any time.
  3. Scalesuggestions and recommendations for most of the jamtracks with pattern, system and horizontal systems
  4. Find out if the jam tracks are downloadable for free or for a fee.

Where can I get backing tracks for free?

Or YouTube, Vimeo & Soundcloud jam & backingtracks are for 100% free.
We've added even more jamtracks for users with a Spotify or Deezer account.

Joe Bonamassa is an American blues rock guitarist. He opened for B.B. King when he was only 12 years old.
He has played alongside such artists as Eric Clapton, Blondie Chaplin, Foreigner, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks and many others.

On guitartonemaster.com you find 10 jam & backingtracks from the guitarmaster himself:

Joe Bonamassa Jam Tracks

Why get rid of you guitar backing track cds?

Our extensive library contains more than 1000 guitar jam tracks and that is good for about 100 guitar CDs or Dvds. Most of our backing tracks are free and simple to play on any device. Some tracks are only accessible with a spotify or deezer account, but by purchasing a subscription, you have access to a huge music library and our additional backing track CDs.

Here are some Jam tracks CDs on Spotify and Deezer: Blues backing tracks cd by Briggs, Heavy Metal Jam Tracks by Jam Track, Blues play-along tracks by PlayJazzNow.