Guitartonemaster is end of life unless...

Drupal 7, is now approaching its end of life, which will occur in November 2021. That's why GuitarToneMaster, made with Drupal 7, urgently needs an upgrade and your help.
Upgrading our infrastructure to the new web standards (with drupal 9) is a huge job, and the income out of ads and our current donations doesn't nearly cover the costs... 

But we could make it possible thanks to donations from individuals like you. is a free backing track platform, with more than 3500+ backing tracks, 4500+ online members, and 12.000+ visits a month. Together with over 30+ professional musicians and composers we've made this unique project. Therefore, we don't want to see it disappear.

I've been building the website on my own since 2010 and spend lots of hours, love, work, and effort in this project. 

Upgrading the project to drupal 9 is a huge job (back-end, template, rebuilding modules,..), that's why I should hire a professional agency to realize this in a short period. 

Quotes are currently being requested and will be published here soon.

Not only would we like to upgrade GuitarToneMaster, but we would also like to make a better version of it. Surveys on this will follow shortly. Your donations could keep our projects going and help us keep growing.

Do you want to donate our future project? Will you help us in our ambition to build the best backing track platform? Then you can now support and donate GuitarToneMaster through Patreon or Paypal.

Tristan Piolon

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