How do you play over backing tracks?

How do you play over backing tracks?

Whether you are studying rhythm, improving your guitar solo, or extending your improvisation skills over a backing track, you will find it a true pleasure and it’s very helpful for your guitar playing.

Studying with jam & backing tracks improves your sense of rhythm,  timing and your capacity to get into the groove of the drum & bass, which is an essential skill for any musician.

It’s a good way to practice what it’s like to play with a real band. Jam and Backing tracks are the most useful tools to practice and train over chord progressions. It’s a must-do to become better at soloing & improvisation. GuitarToneMaster has got great high-quality jam & backing tracks for all styles and purposes. Practicing with backing tracks should be a part of your daily workout, so watch your playing improve.

Learn licks and tricks, scales and modes, arpeggios and learn to use them for improvisation

Learn to play cool licks that you can use for your solo's and improvisation. Connect those licks to create countless combinations. Give them a wholesome touch using hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, vibrato, bending, etc.

Here are some examples:

Useful video for licks

Top 10 Blues Licks Every Guitarist Should Know!
YouTube Channel: Darrell Braun Guitar

About the video:10 licks to give your soloing a little creative boost


Useful video for licks
YouTube Channel: Jbf Music & Guitar


Understand how the licks fit scales, modes, and arpeggios

If you know what you're playing the possibilities are limitless. 

  1. Identify the key of the track you want to compose a solo for. Here, at, we do the heavy lifting and sorted all backing tracks by key. 
  2. Determine which scales or modes you want to use. The easy backing tracks use simple chord progressions which make it easier to get familiar with one scale or mode at a time. 
  3. Improvise over the backing track. Playing over the song enables you to become comfortable with chord changes and the feel of the backing track.

Here are some examples:

Useful video for licks

6 Must-Know Beginner Blues Guitar Licks & How To Build Solos With Them (EASY)
YouTube Channel: rockongoodpeople


Useful video for licks

Making Licks Your Own! Lead Guitar Lesson
YouTube Channel: Marty Music


How to write a guitar solo

If you want to add flair to your solo

  1. Structure your solo with an opening, center, and end. Include short phrases and melodies.
  2. Use hammer-ons and pull-offs during the solo and bend strings at the end of phrases and the use of vibratos to add more emotion to your guitar solo. 
  3. Mix in chords to give more emotion to your solo. Not only single notes can get your solo to the next level, but the use of chords can also give body to your solo.
  4. Listen to musicians you like and use some of their solo techniques. Throw in ideas from other guitarists and make them your own.
  5. Take a breath and give room in your solo. If you stuff in too many notes different techniques and play too many notes, you can probably overwhelm your audience.

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