Instrumental Rock Guitar Backing Track F# Minor

Rock Backing Track

Chord Progression: 

F#m D Bm E


Jam track with clean and distorted guitars, bass, drums and synthesisers. 80s 90s Rock. For musicians, singers and guitarists to improvise, study, play and have fun, soloing, singing. No copyright infringement intended, after I finished the track I realised the chorus sounds like a part of The Final Countdown. I didn't change it, perhaps you can also play a part of that famous riff on it or something totally different.

Scales suggestion: 

PDF icon fsharpminor.pdf

Modes suggestion: 

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I'm a singer/songwriter, guitarist and music producer. I write and compose my original songs. I play guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and record with own tunes. On my channel you can find original tracks with lyrics, instrumental and backing tracks.