Throw out your backing track CDs and jam track DVDs

Why get rid of you guitar backing track cds?

Our extensive library contains more than 1000 guitar jam tracks and that is good for about 100 guitar CDs or Dvds. Most of our backing tracks are free and simple to play on any device. Some tracks are only accessible with a spotify or deezer account, but by purchasing a subscription, you have access to a huge music library and our additional backing track CDs.

Here are some Jam tracks CDs on Spotify and Deezer: Blues backing tracks cd by Briggs, Heavy Metal Jam Tracks by Jam Track, Blues play-along tracks by PlayJazzNow. 

You will save about $1 per backing track song. So with you save around $600: about the price of a new guitar.smiley

Just kidding ... Throw your old CDs are not directly in the trash, but use them in conjunction with our online database and have fun while jamming

Backing track cds