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Transcribe! is the world's leading software for helping musicians to work out music from recordings. It is also used by many people for play-along practice, and also for speech transcription


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itaar pagina met informatie en links over Gitaar leren spelen, soorten gitaren, verkooppunten en winkels, en meer.

Hier vind u een compleet overzicht met de beste sites over gitaren.

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Een verzameling kwaliteitslinks over gitaar, gitaristen, basgitaristen, gitaarmerken, gitaarbouwers.

software to make you a better musician!

Gitaar: partituren, soorten, merken, gitaarlessen, magazines, snaren


Gitaar. Pagina met links en informatie over gitaar.




Royalty Free Music for your Projects

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jazz improvisor

Jazz Improvisation Advisor for the Improviser

Gitaar leren spelen

Gitaar leren spelen

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Video Lesson archive & community. Ask instructors live questions or learn from high resolution video. Rock, metal, shred, blues, jazz, country & acoustic.

Gitaarles Den Haag

Gitaarles in Den Haag. Elektrische en akoestische slag en solo-gitaar lessen. Van Rock, Metal tot Pop liedjes voor beginners en gevorderden van gitaardocent Jan Vermeulen.

Leer gitaar spelen met Welkom op instrumentpassie waar we je gaan leren gitaarspelen door je zoveel mogelijk informatie te geven wat op internet beschikbaar is.

Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams: lessons, workshops, articles, advice and comprehensive instructional materials for beginning through advanced guitar players, including guitar instruction books, DVD’s, CD’s and video downloads.

Online guitar lessons

Fingerstyle and classical guitar music - Downloads in Notation and Tab Format.

Gitaarles, Basles, in Heerhugowaard

Popschool Maastricht, de virtuele muziekschool met veel lessen en informatie over muziek, instrumenten, muziektheorie, gitaarakkoorden, pianoakkoorden

Guitar Licks

Cours de guitare gratuits débutant à expert accompagnés de tablatures / partitions pour guitare acoustique, riffs célèbres et backtracks.


Guitar lessons by Malero.

Free guitar lessons for beginners and more advanced players online. Includes detailed instructional videos and pictures.

Want to learn to play the guitar? Want to become a tutor? We can help you do just that.

Online Guitar Lessons, Equipment Reviews and Guides | Trusty Guitar 

Free jazz guitar lessons and eBooks online

Online Gitaarles

Guitar Capital offering musical instruments, guits, drums, and much more.

Guitar lessons

MusicianTuts - Learning Guitar Scales

Guitar scales are essential for any guitarist that wants to advance their playing ability. This guide has everything you need to learn scales.

Arpeggio, Chord, Scale, Lick, Riff, Exercise, Lesson, Music Paper, Theory, Tuning, Jamtrack, Tab for Guitar

Free resource for guitar players with licks lessons reviews blog and more. Guitar addiction has a facebook group and youtube channel too

Free online guitar lessons, lead guitar made Easy.

We"re a bunch of young musicians on a mission - make people take things seriously when it comes to learning musical instruments

One thing that can really set professionals and amateurs apart, is the professionals easy access to guitar gear.

Gitaar freak met als hobby het weer speelbaar maken van gitaren en liefhebber van de Chicago en Delta blues

FaChords Guitar Software

Free online guitar tools, ebooks and lessons to help you improve your skills

Every to do with guitars

A lovely blog by Roz, an enthusiastic musician who believes that we are all multi-instrumentalists!

Real Guitar Games : Learn Guitar with Yousician, Rocksmith, Rock Prodigy and more!

Vintage ,collectible ,rare and custom shop guitars,amps,parts,Bass guitars,acoustic guitars,The Vintage Guitar News and Views articles,date codes,serial numbers, guitar information, memorabilia and collectibles for sale

Welcome to Know Your Instrument! Come on in and enjoy reading through our articles about the best instruments on the market today from Ukes to Guitars.

Exploring Guitar for Beginners

A site for all musicians
Guitar maintenance

Hulp en advies bij gitaar- problemen, onderhoud, afstellen, reparatie ........... en bij het realiseren van de magistrale Brian May gitaarsound

Guitar setup tutorials, videos and reviews packed full of professional tips to help musicians keep their favorite instruments playing fantastic.
Guitar Chords

Guitar chord is the site for you who want to learn your first guitar chords or wish to discover new ones. You will furthermore find the theory of the chords and they will be put in context with chord progressions and songs so you in an instant can begin to practice what you learn. All the theoretical substance has been minimized and you are given straightforward facts that will help you to get into the guitar playing right away.

Chordie Guitar Chords

Free Guitar Chords, Tabs, Tablature, Song Library
Guitar parts

Best Guitar Parts at the Best Prices - we focus on top quality guitar parts and custom crafted bodies and necks for your custom guitar projects

Irish song lyrics guitar chords and tin whistle sheet music notes for Irish songs.