We’re excited to share our best guitar tracks 2017. Discover only the best backingtracks of over 1000 tracks on Guitartonemaster.com. Songs with similar scores are randomly sorted. We hope you’re as excited about these new features and will keep voting after every jam session!

Genre Score final
Funk, Rock 100
Harmonic Minor Ballad Backing Track
Ballad, Rock 100
Backing Track - Pop A (4 chords song)
Pop 100
Backing Track in A Minor Red Hot Chili Peppers Style with Chords and A Minor Pentatonic Scale
Funk, Rock 100
Backing Track Eric Clapton Style E Blues 12 Bar Shuffle with Chords & E Blues Scale
Blues 100
Backing Track in C Major Emotional Pop Rock with Chords and C Major Pentatonic Scale
Pop, Rock 100
90 BPM - Simple Straight Beat
Pop Punk Backing Track in D Major
Pop, Punk 100
Backing Track Soft Rock Acoustic Guitar Jam
Acoustic, Rock 100
Electronica Backing Track for Guitar in D Dorian
Electronic 100
Backing Track in A minor John Frusciante Figure 8 Lick RHCP style with Chords & Scale
Rock 100
Bossa Nova in F minor Backing Track No.61
Bossanova 100
Blues Shuffle Guitar Backing Track (A)
Blues 100
Groovy Bluesy Ballad Guitar Backing Track Jam in Cm
Blues 100
Trip Hop Guitar Ballad Backing Track B minor
Ballad, Trip Hop, Rock 100
Bb - Fast 12 Bar Blues Backing Track
Blues 100
Old School Funk Backing Track in A7/Am
Funk 100
Backing Track in A Blues Rock Style with Chords and A Blues Scale
Blues, Rock 100
Pentatonic Jam #2 - E minor
Pop 100
Guitar Backing Track Sad Blues in C Minor Long Slow Jam
Blues 100