We’re excited to share our best guitar tracks 2017. Discover only the best backingtracks of over 1000 tracks on Guitartonemaster.com. Songs with similar scores are randomly sorted. We hope you’re as excited about these new features and will keep voting after every jam session!

Genre Score final
Pro Quality - Gm Blues rock Shuffle with space for the Dorian Mode
Blues 100
Minor Smooth Jazz Backing Track in Bm / Free Guitar Jam Tracks TCDG
Jazz 100
Rhumba in C | Free Backing Track
Rhumba 100
Minor Blues Backing Track in Em (E Minor) TCDG
Blues 100
F # Sharp Minor Backing Track: Modern Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal
Metal 100
Sad Slow Instrumental Guitar Ballad Backing Track A minor
Ballad 100
Southern Blues/Rock in A Jamming Track Black Crowes/ Allman Brothers style
Blues 100
Slow Pentatonic Backing Track
Instrumental Guitar Ballad Backing Track E minor G major
Rock, Ballad 100
A Minor Backing Track,London Guitar Lessons-Guitar Lessons Kensington
Pop, Rock 100
Rhythm and Blues in D Minor Backing Track No.06
Blues 100
Melodic Metal Backing Track - E Minor (Extended Version)
Metal 100
Guitar Jam Track: C 12 Bar Funky Blues with Scale Choices
Funk, Blues 100
Pop Punk Backing Track in D Major
Pop, Punk 100
Funky Minor 12 Bar Blues Jam Track in C Minor
Funk 100
⛮ SOUTHERN ROCK ⛮ Guitar Backing Track - Six Feet Under
Rock 100
Backing Track: Acoustic Jam in Am pentatonic
Acoustic 100
Blues Rock in E - Guitar Backing Track
Blues, Rock 100
Acoustic Guitar Backing Track E major
Acoustic 100
Epic Sad Guitar Ballad Backing Track E minor
Acoustic, Ballad 100