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Thanks to your generous donations we have now started the development of GuitarToneMaster 2.0. But we're not there yet. Everyone who wants to support this project can still donate on PayPal or Patreon.

>> Due to the work on the website, not all services are currently available. New backing tracks and accounts are temporarily disabled. << .
92% of the project is already funded. Almost there!92%


GuitarToneMaster PartnerDo you have some amazing Backing Tracks?

if the answer is yes then become a part of the GuitarToneMaster-Family and share your Guitar Backing Tracks with more than +21.000 guitarist a month is the best archive that organizes all online jam & backing tracks provided by any online audio distribution platform such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer,…
We allow musicians to share their recordings with others. Our goal is to create an accessible platform that makes it easy for a guitarist to find the right jam & backing track and we hope you will help us by sharing your tracks.

What’s in it for you!

#1 BackingTrack Channel
Get a free personal BackingTrack Channel
#2 Add - Edit your Guitar Backing Tracks
Partner add editBackingTracks of Partners are given priority and will be added first!
#3 Increase YouTube views
increaseAdding backing tracks will increase your audience on YouTube.
#4 Download Link
downloadBacking Track Partners can add a download or buy-link on each track!
#5 Post Your Take
Post your takeWith the 'Post Your Take' program we want to give the user the possibility to become a better guitar player.
#6 Social
socialPut your website and social media in the spotlight!
#7 Donations
DonateGuitarToneMaster Partners - Recieve donations
#8 Ranking
RatingYour Jam Tracks and all Tracks of the GTM-family will appear automatically higher in our search results. So your tracks get the appreciation they deserve. Welcome to our hall of fame
#9 Partnership
PartnerHelp us make a better place.
#10 Adsense
AdsenseAdd Adsense ads on your YouTube video's
#11 Bookmarks & Follow
FollowReach a bigger audience. Guitarists can bookmark your backing tracks and follow your channel.


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