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post your take guitar backing tracks

Post your Take

Recording yourself during playing can help you learn and improve faster. So it's time to practice, record and improve: welcome to Post-Your-Take program. Let us make you more confident in your performance.

1. SEARCH: Search our archive for a Backing Track 
2. RECORD: Record a video of you playing along the backing track.
3. UPLOAD: Upload the video of your playing on YouTube or Vimeo, Click on the "post your take" button of your chosen Backing Track, Paste the URL of your YouTube or Vimeo, push the "Save" button.

4. MAKE PROGRESS: Your take will, after approval, appear on the Backing Track Page. A fellow guitarist can grade your submission. Recording yourself has proven to be the best way towards progress. Not only that you need to practice hard to record the video, but you will have a clear picture of your progress by watching videos you made in the past. Shooting the video will give you a new perspective and let you become a better guitar player.

How to upload your Jam session


Please let us know. This will help me make constant improvements to better your experience.


How does the upload form works? Add the title of your YouTube video and simply paste the webpage of the video in URL section.

upload your take

Ideas for musicians to do at home.

Write a solo 

Don’t just keep ‘em in your head. Turn that repetitive melody into a great solo, record and share it with your friends, family, and Guitartonemaster!

Distribute your Jam Session

Upload your music and share videos on all of our backing tracks.

Simply practice more

Do more warm-ups and practice difficult scales you never had time to explore. And then try it with a different tempo.

Plug 'n' Play!

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