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Tomas Sandanus Music

Interview with Tomas Sandanus

Tomas Sandanus GuitarPlease tell us a bit about yourself as a musician?

I am 28 years old guitar player from Slovakia, and I started playing the guitar at 13. Currently, I am playing in two local bands in Slovakia (Own Music / Covers). 

For me, the most influential bands/musicians for me are Red Hot chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Queen, Oasis...
My channel was created in early 2017, which is more than three years until now were released almost 350 videos.

Why should musicians practice with your jam or backing tracks?

You can practice soloing, all scales. The huge benefit is to record yourself and hear your playing and work on phrasing and style.
I am creating simple melodic rock/pop backing tracks that are good for beginners / intermediate playing and players who love melodic songs!

Where can we find your jam & backing tracks?

All my backing tracks are available on

How do you approach making backing tracks?

The music ideas come during the day when I am playing or listening to songs :)
I have some own presets in DAW Reaper, I am using plugins like - Guitar Rig, Bias FX2, Native Instruments...
I am still learning how to record, mix, and mastering

What do you like most about

It is an excellent platform where backing track creators can share their ideas and guitarist can find almost track with almost all scales, genres.


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  • piolont's picture


    Great collection of backing tracks, Tomas. Nice that you want to share this on our platform.

    Mar 20, 2020

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