How do you play over backing tracks?

How do you play over backing tracks?

Whether you are studying rhythm, improving your guitar solo, or extending your improvisation skills over a backing track, you will find it a true pleasure and it’s very helpful for your guitar playing.

Studying with jam & backing tracks improves your rhythm, sense, and timing for music and your ability to lock into the groove of the drum and bass, which is an important skill for any musician.  

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Interview with RawJamTracks

RawJamTracksPlease tell us a bit about yourself as a musician?

I'm a 47-year-old professional guitar teacher from Germany. I picked up the guitar at the age of 18, which was a bit late, but when I finally started I instantly knew that it was "my thing". The most influential musicians were without a doubt, Eddie Van Halen and Iron Maiden. I've been teaching at music schools for 20 years now and started my channel because I used jam tracks a lot during my lessons and was wondering if I could do that myself. Since I am still teaching full time I realized that it's really hard to come up with new material so frequently, but I'm trying my best. ;-)

Etienne de Loriol Backing Tracks

Interview with Etienne De Loriol

Etienne De loriolPlease tell us a bit about yourself as a musician?

My name is Etienne, I am 26 years old and I live in France. I have been playing the guitar for 13 years now. I have been teaching the guitar in music schools for 7 years. I love many styles of music such as rock, metal, pop, blues, jazz or fusion. My favorite musicians or bands are John Mayer, Biffy Clyro, Periphery, Plini, Joe Satriani and many others! 

Tom Bailley Backing Tracks

Interview with Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

Tom Bailey Backing TracksPlease tell us a bit about yourself as a musician?

I live in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. I started learning classical guitar at age 8 and electric guitar at age 12. In 2010 I left school and began studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, England.

I grew up listening to Coldplay, U2, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac. This kind of genre influenced me a lot and has shaped the musician I am today.


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How to read?


Here you can see a diagram of the C major scale. The red notes on the fretboard are the root notes of this particular scale. The lowest string is the low E. Begin from the root note and start building up to the next note on this scale, you either use the same string or use the other string.

How to read scales


Backingtracks with chord progressions

Backingtracks with chord progressions

What are chord progressions?

Chord progressions are a series of chords used in a piece of music. The chords in a progression are shown by Roman numerals and are determined by key. The chord progressions determine how a piece of music unfolds over time.

    Find Backing Tracks with chord progressions for guitar

    Find the right jam and backing track with chord progressions with our advanced search. Use one of the search filters and choose the desired key, genre, ... and much more.


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