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Tom Bailey Backing TracksPlease tell us a bit about yourself as a musician?

I live in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. I started learning classical guitar at age 8 and electric guitar at age 12. In 2010 I left school and began studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, England.

I grew up listening to Coldplay, U2, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac. This kind of genre influenced me a lot and has shaped the musician I am today.

Why should musicians practice with your jam or backing tracks?

I like to create a wide range of different backing tracks. Some more traditional backing tracks for the purpose of practicing and learning. Others more produced to sound just like real songs without a vocal line. This allows jammers to really feel the music they are jamming to.

I also create music in all popular genres and use lots of real live instruments to compose.

Where can we find your jam & backing tracks?

You can find my backing tracks everywhere in all stores. This includes

How do you approach making backing tracks?

I start with guitar or piano. Get some chords recorded with a basic structure and build from there. I use Logic Pro X.

What do you like most about

I have always been a big fan of GuitarToneMaster. Learning, jamming, listening all in one place is great.

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    Thank you, Tom, for all your instructive backing tracks, they have already given me hours of jammin' pleasure. 

    Feb 05, 2020

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