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A blues scale
A diminished scale
A harmonic minor scale
A major scale
A melodic minor scale
A minor scale
A pentatonic major scale
A pentatonic minor scale
A# Bb
A# Bb blues scale
A# Bb diminished scale
A# Bb harmonic minor scale
A# Bb major scale
A# Bb melodic minor scale
A# Bb minor scale
A# Bb pentatonic major scale
A# Bb pentatonic minor scale
B blues scale
B diminished scale
B harmonic minor scale
B major scale
B melodic minor scale
B minor scale
B pentatonic major scale
B pentatonic minor scale
C blues scale
C diminished scale
C harmonic minor scale
C major scale
C melodic minor scale
C minor scale
C pentatonic major scale
C pentatonic minor scale
C# Db
C# Db blues scale
C# Db diminished scale
C# Db harmonic minor scale
C# Db major scale
C# Db melodic minor scale
C# Db minor scale
C# Db pentatonic major scale
C# Db pentatonic minor scale
D blues scale
D diminished scale
D harmonic minor scale
D major scale
D melodic minor scale
D minor scale
D pentatonic major scale
D pentatonic minor scale
D# Eb
D# Eb blues scale
D# Eb diminished scale
D# Eb harmonic minor scale
D# Eb major scale
D# Eb melodic minor scale
D# Eb minor scale
D# Eb pentatonic major scale
D# Eb pentatonic minor scale
E blues scale
E diminished scale
E harmonic minor scale
E major scale
E melodic minor scale
E minor scale
E pentatonic major scale
E pentatonic minor scale
F blues scale
F diminished scale
F harmonic minor scale
F major scale
F melodic minor scale
F minor scale
F pentatonic major scale
F pentatonic minor scale
F# Gb
F# Gb blues scale
F# Gb diminished scale
F# Gb harmonic minor scale
F# Gb major scale
F# Gb melodic minor scale
F# Gb minor scale
F# Gb pentatonic major scale
F# Gb pentatonic minor scale
G blues scale
G diminished scale
G harmonic minor scale
G major scale
G melodic minor scale
G minor scale
G pentatonic major scale
G pentatonic minor scale
G# Ab
G# Ab blues scale
G# Ab diminished scale
G# Ab harmonic minor scale
G# Ab major scale
G# Ab melodic minor scale
G# Ab minor scale
G# Ab pentatonic major scale
G# Ab pentatonic minor scale