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About the Backing Track
Chord Progression: 

II:    Gmaj7     II     Gmaj7       II      Am7      II         D7       II 
II    Gmaj7      II     Gmaj7       II      Am7      II         D9      :II


n theory, you can play G major scale all over this, though preferably outlining the chord tones/arpeggios:

Gmaj7 arpeggio = G B D F#

Amin7 arpeggio = A C E G 

D7 arpeggio = D F# A C 

Playing G Major scale will result in G Ionian (Gmaj7 chords), A Dorian (Am7 chords) and D Mixolydian (D7 chords) - all the same 7 notes...

Next up, try out some more advanced colours on the dominant chord (D7) by using the 

D diminished 1/2-1 tone scale = D Eb F F# G# A B C (D)


Scales Suggestions

PDF icon gmajor.pdf
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