'Weightless' Electronica Backing Track For Guitar in A# minor (A#m)

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About the Backing Track
Chord Progression: 

A#m / F# / D# / B / D


This guitar backing track comes from an electronic song I wrote called “weightless”, which relies heavily on a severely chopped documentary about space. This is just the main riff looped (easier to jam over) but if you are so inclined to jam to the version with the documentary vocals check out the bass free version. You'll be taking on more of a rhythm role but that's fun too!


Scales Suggestions

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Sean Armitage Music

I make backing tracks for guitar, drums and bass in various genres often melded with rock. I use a lot of synth and electronic based elements as of late, merging them with the more traditional elements of guitar and bass. I'm in the Dirty Boots, a backing band of various genres and have a yet unnamed original band that blends psychedelic, prog, funk, and jam band elements.