Alternative Rock Backing Track For Guitar in C# / Db minor (C#m)

Rock Backing Track

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About the Backing Track
Chord Progression: 

Intro: A / C# m / F# A / C # m / F# / F
(the F is out of key but just go down or up half a step while soloing)

Verse: A / C# m (tail is D# m7b5)
Chorus: C# m / G# / E / F#


This backing track for guitar is similar to my drum tracks as it follows a song structure rather than just a single riff repeated. C# minor is common to each riff so you don't have to worry about transitions.


Scales Suggestions

PDF icon csharpharmonicminor.pdf

PDF icon csharpminor.pdf

PDF icon csharpminorpentatonic.pdf
Modes Suggestions
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Jam & Backing Track by
Sean Armitage Music

I make backing tracks for guitar, drums and bass in various genres often melded with rock. I use a lot of synth and electronic based elements as of late, merging them with the more traditional elements of guitar and bass. I'm in the Dirty Boots, a backing band of various genres and have a yet unnamed original band that blends psychedelic, prog, funk, and jam band elements.